Getting Creative With Ceramic!!!!

Looking for ceramic can be time consuming and overwhelming. Not anymore! With our new Arley design app we can make looking for ceramic let us "Get Creative with Ceramic"!!! We now can create not only a visual for our customers with our Arley design app but we can create different looks by changing the room scene, layout and our Arley products. We can save you time and frustration with a just a few clicks.

First we start by selecting one of the 12 room scenes available.

Arley App

Editing the elements include changing the color of the walls, counter tops and cabinets closest to your home. Some room scenes you can change the color of the front door or accessories.

Editing the area....this is where fun and creativity begins! Not sure what look you want, that's ok. (You can always get ahead start by going to before coming into our showroom to check out their product line to help inspire your look or just let us inspire you!)
The next steps would be selecting a layout, products, patterns and a size that works best for you. Add some grout...and it's that simple!

Arley App

Once we have a general idea of the look you want then we can add mosaics or borders and the best part is...we can change your design over and over again until we find the perfect look for your home.

With our Arley app the possibilities are endless! Click each thumbnail to see a full-sized image.


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